Welcome to Maidstone Lake…

Those who visit and live on Maidstone Lake are very fortunate to share this pristine glacier formed lake and enjoy year-round activities with a communityof  wonderful neighbors.  This quiet and remote lake is known for its natural beauty, diverse recreational opportunities, and outstanding family environment.  In fact, a number of Maidstone families have enjoyed summers here for several generations. The lake comes alive with laughter, family, and friends when we come to camp and enjoy the lake.  Whether on a sunset cruise, serene kayak tour, ice fishing, a tubing outing, or with sails full of air – it is refreshing to hear 
and feel the energy and natural beauty of the lake.

Maidstone Lake is a very special place in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom and was created when a glacier carved out a deep basin from a pre-existing valley.  The result of the glacial melt approximately 12,000 + years ago is this beautiful 796 acre mountain lake with depths over 120 feet.  Not only does the lake offer excellent fishing, but also the surrounding boreal forest has secluded and quiet hiking trails, as well as good hunting opportunities in season.

These are only a few reasons why we think our lake is a treasure to preserve, and we are committed to keeping Maidstone a viable resource for future generations to visit and live.Everyone who uses the lake, particularly its property owners, is a steward who shares the responsibility for maintaining its natural beauty and pristine conditions. Maidstone continues to be rated one of the cleanest lakes in Vermont.  Our Aquatic Stewardship Program and conscientious volunteers and boat owners have kept us from having to battle very invasive and lake threatening aquatic nuisances that are currently present in 100 + of the 800Vermont lakes & ponds. We ask property owners and visitors to be environmentally conscious with their yard design, maintenance, and use of shoreline areas so that there is a minimal impact on the lake’s water quality.Thank-you for respecting & preserving this natural treasure.


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