Lake Mirror – NEW

Maidstone Lake Mirror – Early Spring 2021 Edition

Greetings from your Maidstone Lake Association!  

We hope everyone has had a safe & healthy winter!  As the sunlight stays with us longer and the warmth starts to settle in, we are all thinking of things like Ice-Out and of course Mud Season!  Then Spring, Black Fly Season & Summer!!

As March is upon us… we can almost hear the ice wanting to give way to open water.  So please take the opportunity to participate in the Annual Ice-Out contest!  The ticket form is attached but all owners were mailed tickets as well.  Special thanks to Dave & Sharon Atkinson and their team for making this a great, and fun event for the lake. The winner won $879 last year!

Play early & Often!

Next – we have a safe, socially distant way to celebrate on Easter with old & new friends put together by the wonderful & amazing group of Maidstone Merry Makers:

Covid is not stopping us from enjoying a good old fashion Easter Egg Hunt at Maidstone Lake!! The Maidstone Merry-Makers are at it again!!

For young and old alike…..get in your cars at 11:00 in the morning Sunday April 4th and journey on both the East side and West side and look for the colored eggs! 

Because we want both children and adults to have fun and participate…….the small eggs are for children and the large eggs are for adults. 

PS…..You do not have to have children to participate!! Just be young at heart!!!

Rules are simple..

1) Please do not start before 11:00 am

2) Small sized eggs are for children and large eggs are for adults.

2) Each child can collect a maximum of 12 small Easter eggs.

3) Each adult can collect a maximum of 2 large eggs. 

4) After you journey around both sides of the lake….make your last stop at the Helicopter Pad…for a final surprise!

PLEASE RSVP!! Please post how many children / adults will be participating as soon as possible so we can have plenty of goodies!!


OR  this Facebook Site: 

Hoppy Easter from the Maidstone Merry Makers!

Since last season the MLA Board was able to acquire and install a new parcel box at NO Cost!  Normally, this would have cost about $1,500.  Many, many thanks to our Mailbox committee plus Harold Gray, and Bruce Barker for making this a reality before the frost set in.  The MLA had requested to relocate the mailboxes to an area near the head of the lake, however, that request to use a small parcel of State land was denied.  The Mailbox committee will continue to work on improvements for our mail & parcel box delivery area.

We have modified the Boat Trailer Parking lot program.  Stickers will be required each year and will cost $55 for non-MLA members and $5 for members.  More details will be forthcoming shortly.

We have again submitted for a Grant from the State to help us maintain the greeter program.  This program along with lay monitoring and shoreline monitoring programs create our first line of defense against invasive species.  We are fortunate to have folks passionate about water quality but need more folks!  Please contact Chris von Alt to see how you can help us preserve, protect and improve the quality of our lake ecosystem!   We are hoping to create sustainable practices that enable us to PROACT and leave the lake better than we found it.

You will be receiving a letter from the MLA Treasurer (Greg Poer) in the coming weeks via email or USPS regarding the dues and other information.  Please join your 114 neighbors & support OUR community.  More than ever we should all take stock in the value of community.   The vibrancy & sustainability of the lake depend on the collective agreement we all share to take of this place that we love so much.  The dues are only $50.  The dues go toward direct & indirect efforts to preserve, protect, and improve our entire lake ecosystem.  Each year we add more money to “reserves” that are designated toward these efforts.  As we have passed along many times – should we ever have an aquatic nuisance invasion – we will NEVER get rid of it – just manage it.  Let’s plan to keep the lake FREE of Aquatic Nuisance and thanks for your support!…/MLA-Membership-2021-22.pdf

We warmly welcome all the new camp owners to the lake!  We appreciate the great community the many wonderful neighbors & volunteers – past & present – have created here at Maidstone!  We hope you enjoy this piece of paradise.

News & Updates:

If you missed the annual meeting last and want to catch up on the happenings  – the full MLA Annual Report can be found online at:

The following are your 2020-2021 Board Members:

Chris von Alt, Greg Poer, Sharon Taylor, June Lockert, Eric Gagnon,  Sam Gorham, Bob Snowman, Marainne Bouthiller, & Jim Mazzonna.

President: Jim Mazzonna

Vice President: Chris von Alt

Treasurer:  Greg Poer

Secretary: Sharon Taylor

Appointed Positions:

Aquatic Nuisance Manager: Chris von Alt

Process Agent: Sam Gorham

The MLA Board will begin their meetings for the year in May.

The Maidstone Lake Service Award:

The MLA Service Award was established in 2014 to honor those who have placed service above self to improve our lake community.

Prior Award Recipients:

Lee & Mary Stewart

Lin Mixer

Sam Gorham

Bert Desrochers

Bill Sanborn

Willy Barrett

Bob “Gator” Lancraft.

The nomination period for next year’s award will be due June 20, 2021.

Please click on the link below to make a nomination.

It is important to recognize those that have selflessly given so much to improve our community for the benefit of all. There is no other way to have done all the great work at the lake over the years without people who care, and will look beyond their own self-interest to serve a greater cause that will help preserve & improve our shared environment!

Boating Safety

Please review the boating safety highlights:

Maidstone Greeter Program

Please keep our greeters safe & help us maintain the quality of our waters that we share at Maidstone.  Also – please thank them for the work they have done to help promote clean and aquatic nuisance free waters.  Please maintain your social distance & follow the guidelines asked of the greeter.  They may ask you to remain in your vehicle while the boat is inspected.  Thank-you!

Safety Matters! – Automated External Defibrillator (AED).   Maidstone Lake has 2 AED’s that are presently mounted and ready for service – one on the East Side and the other on the West Side.  The locations are 4488 Maidstone Lake Road on the East, and 37 Private West 2 on the West.  There is signage showing you to where they are located on the property and there will be further signage along the lake road to indicate their location.  Thankfully – we have not had to use them – but they are ready to serve.

Maidstone Lake Directory:  Mary vonAlt has distributed the latest version of our Directory,  so let her know of any changes. What a wonderful resource this is for us! Thanks Mary! Did your email or other contact info change?  If you would like to update, join, or validate your info that we have in the current Maidstone Lake Directory – please email Mary vonAlt at This directory is voluntary and only shared with those who participate.  The Association does not share that information.

2021-22 Membership Info:  Here is an online membership form!…/MLA-Membership-2021-22.pdf

Rubbish & Recycling: 2021 Schedule

Just a reminder – Recycling is every week from May 3-Sep 8.   Rubbish & Recycling is picked up on Mondays unless Monday is a holiday – then it is Wednesday. Please put your trash in containers that animals cannot get into! 

Maidstone Lake History…Books still available but not for long – Great gift item Thanks for all your support as we have sold over 300 books! Email us and we will get you one!  The cost of the publication is only $35.  The book is 186 pages of color and some black & white photos along with the history of the lake & camps.  Pass the word to those who are not connected!  Thanks for the support!  For those who want to order online and want a book shipped:

Maidstone Lake Gifts:   Also… don’t forget the great variety of items that Sam & Carol Gorham have for you to buy!  From shirts to hats to sweatshirts to all kinds of lake crafts – they have something that would make a great gift or something you buy as a gift and keep for yourself!  Contact the Gorham’s at their camp or email us and we will get you connected.

Boating Safety:  Think Summer! The boating safety course is available online at:

Doing work on your property?  Here is a handy worksheet to help determine what is needed when developing your property:  

MLA Directors Meetings & Feedback Loop:

The MLA Directors meetings start in May and end in October.  If you have any input – please reply to this email.

Please email or contact one of the Directors if you have anything you would like to pass along.

The current MLA Directors are Greg Poer,”Sam” Gorham, Chris von Alt, Bob Snowman, Marianne Bouthillier, Eric Gagnon June Lockert, Sharon Taylor and Jim Mazzonna.

Save Valuable First Responder Time!!  – Get your 911 Signage:

You can still reserve/purchase your sign from the MLA.  If you don’t have one – you really should so that if there is ever an emergency – first responders can locate your camp.  If would like to purchase a sign please email us at

Your cost is our cost:  $10.

 Maidstone Town News:  See the latest information & resources online at the Town of Maidstone Website.

Selectboard Meeting First Monday of Every Month – 7 PM via ZOOM.

Maidstone Lake Website:  Open 24 Hours a Day! Please explore the entire site that is full of reference material and other great resources – open 24 hours a day!

 Check out all the Online Resources that are easier to find:

Note:   Please note our new mailing address is 911 Maidstone Lake Road, Maidstone, VT 05905-4509.


Vermont Boating Regulations & Resources

All persons born after January 1, 1974, must successfully complete an approved boating safety education course to legally operate “any” motorized vessel including personal watercraft.  The card must be carried when operating the motorized vessel. Online training & certification can be found at:

No one under 12 years of age may operate any vessel powered by a motor of more than 6 horsepower.

No one under 16 years of age may operate a Personal WaterCraft (PWC),even if they have successfully completed a boating safety education course.

“All vessels”, except sailboards, must carry one wearable US Coast Guard approved Type I, II, III or V Personal Floatation Device (PFD) for each person on board.  That includes paddle boards and peddle boats.  The PFD’s must be readily available, serviceable and of the proper fit for the intended wearer.  A person under 16 years of age must wear a PFD at all times while on board a sailboard.

All vessels” 16 feet or longermust have a US Coast Guard approved Type IV throw able PFD on board and readily accessible.

Children under 12 years of age must “wear” a US Coast Guard approved Type I, II, III PFD at all times while underway on the open deck of any vessel.  Anyone being towed must wear a PFD. 

Please take note of this as it is a common issue on the lake: Every vessel towing a person(s) on water skis or any other device must have a person who is at least 12 years old on board in addition to the vessel operator, in a position to observe the towed person(s). If towing a person(s) with a Personal WaterCraft, the PWC should be rated for at least the number of persons involved, operator, observer (facing backward) and towed person(s).  Maintain 100 feet of distance between the towed person(s) and a swimmer, canoe, rowboat, kayak or any other small vessel with a person on board.

Everyone on a Personal WaterCraft must wear a PFD.

A Personal WaterCraft must have passenger capacity for everyone involved in its activity.

Registration & Validation:  Your motorized vessel must have a valid registration.  Additionally, if your vessel is registered outside Vermont – you MAY need to have a Vermont Validation sticker if your boat is used in Vermont waters for more than 30 days in any calendar year.  Check out all the requirements at: & also

Know your Speed & Wake requirements!  Improper Speed or Distance is not maintaining a proper speed or distance while operating a vessel or while towing a person on water skis or any similar device.

Specifically, the following actions are ILLEGAL:

Operating a vessel (except sailboards) at greater than “no wake speed’s WITHIN 200 feet of:
– The shoreline
– A person in the water                                                                                                                                                                                        – A canoe, rowboat, or other vessel
– An anchored or moored vessel with a person on board                                                                                                                          – An anchorage or dock

SO……Maintain 200 Feet (at least) to the above situations!

Operating a vessel at speeds of five miles per hour or greater within 200 feet of a marked Swimming or Diving Areas.  Swimming Area is marked with buoys offshore of the Day Use Area of Maidstone State Park.

Diver Down Flag

Operating a vessel at speeds that may cause danger, injury, or damage. Be aware of and obey all regulatory markers, including areas marked as “No Wake” “No Wake Speed” means … operating your vessel at a speed at which the vessel does not produce a wake, not to exceed five miles per hour.

Vermont law prohibits anyone from boating while intoxicated (BWI) due to alcohol, drugs or any combination. 

Navigation lights must be displayed between sunset and sunrise.  Personal Watercraft may not be operated between sunset and sunrise.

Fire extinguisher (a Type B) is required on all motorized vessel, it should be easily accessible and in proper working condition.

Milfoil & Aquatic Nuisance: inspect your vessel, trailer and equipment and remove any plants prior to launching.  Please report any issues found to the Launch Greeter or MLA and do not launch your vessel if you have identified Milfoil or other Aquatic Nuisance.

Safety & Compliance Patrols:  You will see the waters being patrolled – on occasion – by either the Vermont State Police (VSP) or Local Game Warden.  Please have your registration on the vessel and all required safety gear.  The VSP can do a safety check and you would receive a Decal if you have met all the requirements.

Northeast District Game Warden for Maidstone:  Trevor Szymanowski – 802-695-1314

Vermont State Police Derby Barracks

35 Crawford Rd
Derby, VT 05602