MLA Trailer Parking Permit Application

Note: There is no permit required for parking on your own land

For several years Weyerhaeuser has allowed owners to park & store boat trailers (ONLY boat trailers) on their East Side log landing between May 1 & Oct 31. However, the MLA has agreed to control use and maintain the area. A MLA trailer parking permit sticker is required on each trailer stored. This is an annual fee each year. If you are a member of the MLA the permit cost is only $5.00. If not a member, the permit cost is $55. If the area is abused, Weyerhaeuser can withdraw this added convenience they have arranged with the MLA. Trailers parked there without a visible permit can be impounded or towed.

A reminder that long term trailer parking is NOT allowed at the public boat access.

Click on which permit you would like to purchase:

Member Trailer Permit Non-member trailer permit